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  • Discover the tangible benefits that await as you explore the value of our solutions for the maritime as well as the industry sector ✔

  • Experience peace of mind, knowing that our solutions ensure strict regulatory compliance helping you achieve a greener operational profile ✔

  • Gain valuable insights into the exceptional durability of our products, designed to thrive in demanding environments, like sulfur-acid factories in Siberia and bio-fuel heating plants in Norway ✔

  • Make significant contributions to the safety measures with our innovative oil mist detectors, like esteemed establishments such as the Royal Playhouse in Copenhagen ✔

Embrace the advantages of our solutions, empowering your business with enhanced efficiency, regulatory compliance, sustainability, and a distinct competitive edge in the industry. 

Value Maritime: Co2 capture and monitoring solutions for greener shipping
DFDS: Advancing sustainability through enhanced particle emission monitoring
Car manufacturer: Improved safety and efficiency with oil mist detection
Baleària: Monitoring emissions for environmental commitment
Ship Management Company: Tailormade service partnership
Offshore wind farm: Oil mist detection at sea
Detecting hazardous oil mist in engine hotbox
Green Instruments supporting maritime startups
Service agreement gives Kyklades Maritime Corporation peace of mind
Safeguarding new fleet with G26 Oil Mist Detection – A collaboration with Hudong Shipyard
Green Instruments lifts Costamare’s burden of compliance
Franman: Valuable partnership strengthening Green Instruments global presence
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