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At a state-of-the-art European automotive manufacturing facility, a large car manufacturer specializes in producing body components for passenger cars. To shape these components, the manufacturing process relies on the use of large metal sheet hydraulic presses. However, this process poses a potential risk of oil mist formation, which can have detrimental effects on both human health and material integrity. The microscopic nature of oil mist makes it difficult, if not impossible, to detect with the naked eye. 

Partnering with Green Instruments for oil mist detection 

Recognizing the importance of addressing the oil mist risk, the car manufacturer partnered with Green Instruments. Through this collaboration, the manufacturer implemented effective measures to detect and mitigate the risks associated with oil mist formation. 

Advanced technology for oil mist detection 

To eliminate the hazard of oil mist formation, the car manufacturer chose to install Green Instruments' state-of-the-art G26 Ambient Oil Mist Detector. Leveraging line of sight measurement, this advanced technology employs a green laser to continuously monitor atmospheric conditions, instantly reacting to even the smallest leaks. The system can detect various interferences, including potential smoke formation, and can be configured to interface with existing alarm systems. 

Seamless integration and comprehensive monitoring 

The G26 Ambient Oil Mist Detector has been seamlessly integrated into the car manufacturer's production environment. With continuous monitoring, production employees have real-time visibility into the conditions, enabling them to respond promptly to any detected oil leaks. This proactive approach minimizes the risk of fire and, in worst-case scenarios, explosions, ensuring a safer working environment for all personnel involved and reduce very costfull downtime of the production facility. 

"Our focus is on developing customized solutions that precisely address our customers' requirements, ensuring the highest levels of safety and efficiency."

Rene Bredmose Christensen
CSO, Green Instruments

Prioritizing safety and environmental responsibility 

As an industry leader, Green Instruments recognizes the importance of prioritizing safety and environmental responsibility. By collaborating with the car manufacturer, the Green Instruments solution contributed to a manufacturing process that not only meets stringent safety regulations but also aligns with sustainability objectives. 

Implementation of tailor-made solutions and the utilization of advanced technologies, both parties are dedicated to ensuring the well-being of employees, minimizing material damage, and maximizing operational excellence. 

By focusing on the specific needs of the car manufacturer and leveraging the extensive product range provided by Green Instruments, the collaboration sets a benchmark for enhancing safety, efficiency, and environmental stewardship in the automotive manufacturing industry. 

Tailor-made solutions: addressing customer needs 

Green Instruments CSO, Rene Bredmose Christensen, emphasizes the significance of providing tailor-made solutions to meet customer needs. He states, "We understand that each manufacturing environment has its unique challenges. Our focus is on developing customized solutions that precisely address our customers' requirements, ensuring the highest levels of safety and efficiency." 

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