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About Green Instruments

Green Instruments is a global organization specialized in measurement and analysis technologies for both marine and land-based industries.

We develop and manufacture monitoring and measuring equipment for emission control, water and gas analysis, hazard detection, and machinery protection.

The company was founded in 1999 under the name of SBS Technology in Pandrup, Denmark. In 2008, we changed our name to Green Instruments. Today, we have our head office and production facilities located in Brønderslev, Denmark together with regional sales and service offices in USA and Singapore.

We are the leading supplier of inert gas oxygen analyzers, smoke density monitors, oil mist detectors, and boiler protection systems for the marine industry. We have more than ten years of experience in monitoring and analyzing exhaust gasses on ocean going vessels. Besides, we are the pioneer in monitoring wash water after exhaust gas cleaning systems.

Our products have also proven their durability in the land-based industries from sulfur-acid factories in Siberia to bio-fuel heating plants in Norway. Even the Royal Playhouse in Copenhagen is a safer place thanks to one of our oil mist detectors.

We develop high quality products and solutions that are wear-resistant and cost-effective without having too many expensive features.

Perfecting Sensible Technology

Green Instruments’ monitoring and protection equipment are highly reliable, and we are constantly improving our current products and working on different development projects for new applications including equipment working in the EX-environment.

Perfecting Sensible Technology is more than a slogan at Green Instruments. Our target is to provide more simple, accurate, reliable, and efficient monitoring solutions to meet the increasing demand for protecting people, equipment, property, and the environment.

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