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Core values

Our ultimate goal is sustainable growth of the organization. We are dedicated to create unique value for all stakeholders including customers, suppliers, partners, employees, owners as well as the surrounding society.

To be more specific, the spirit of Green Instruments is saturated with the following values:


As the heart of Green Instruments’ business lies in our technology, we are inquisitive and eager to find innovative solutions for our customers. We target the quality and scope of our products in order to deliver the best value for money.

Customer Orientation

Our customers are our key asset in many ways. We pay attention to our customers, promptly respond to their wishes, and strengthen the relationships based on trust.


In order to develop new solutions, products, and distribution networks, we are open to cooperate with different partners all over the world. Being open minded, trustworthy, and committed, we continue to develop our global network of partners.

Quality Commitment

Green Instruments is committed to deliver the best quality which forms the basis for a long-term relationship with our customers. That is what makes us proud and what makes our work exciting.

Social Responsibility

At Green Instruments we aim to create an attractive and challenging place to work for our employees. We always take the society's general interest into account especially regarding environmental protection, which our name Green Instruments also indicates.

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