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Oil Mist Detector

G26 Ambient Oil Mist Detector

The G26 Ambient Oil Mist Detector is a simple and extremely reliable opacity monitor. The system uses a configurable number of detectors per monitor to help prevent fires, thus increasing safety of both people, the environment, and assets efficiently and cost-effectively.


Product information

G26 Ambient Oil Mist Detector

Detects oil mist in open spaces

The G26 Ambient Oil Mist Detector is a reliable opacity meter designed to detect all types of oil mist such as hydraulic oils, fuel oils etc. Oil mist is formed by oil droplets suspended in the air. Oil mists ignite at low temperatures and can cause severe damage such as engine room fires. The oil mist detector acts as a safety alarm, thus helping the crew avoid fires and thereby protecting lives, the environment, and assets.

The system measures the full range of opacity (0-100%) and is designed for operating in extreme working environments on board vessels. The robust design and solid green laser technology with double-pass measurement method provides an opacity monitor with simple installation and reliability. Furthermore, the G26 Ambient Oil Mist Detector is known for its high accuracy and precision as it detects the real undiluted oil mist clouds in the atmosphere.

Fully scalable installation

The G26 Ambient Oil Mist Detector has several decisive advantages compared to traditional oil mist detectors. With a scanning range of up to 15 meters, each detector can cover a larger area. The system can be configured with several detectors, which allows the system to monitor oil mist in different locations at the same time. In other words, the G26 Ambient Oil Mist Detector increases safety on board vessels.

Low-cost detector

The G26 Ambient Oil Mist Detector is simple and reliable because the line-of-sight measurement does not require any sampling devices. This feature minimizes system failures caused by any of the sampling devices including mechanical or contamination problems over time. With no moving parts, the detector is almost maintenance-free, requiring only occasional cleaning of the lenses and in-situ calibration.

The system has an HMI module for visualization and operation. The graphic visualization on the user-friendly home screen shows an immediate overview of the atmospheric oil mist conditions in the locations under detection. This means the crew can take immediate action with minor oil leakages and avoid potential human and environmental catastrophes.

G26 Spot for narrow spaces

The G26 Ambient Oil Mist Detector is also available as a pre-aligned spot measurement version called G26 Spot, designed to detect oil mist in open but narrow spaces. A decisive advantage of the G26 Spot is that it is installed inside a pre-aligned box. This protects the laser beam from someone unintentionally breaking it and triggering a false alarm.

ATEX/IECEx certified version

The G26 Ambient Oil Mist Detector is available as an ATEX/IECEx certified version called G26 Ex. The G26 Ex is designed for use in hazardous areas preventing subsequent hazards such as fires and explosions in oil rigs, platforms, FPSOs, or other similar marine installations. It is designed to respond to any minor or major oil mist formation – quickly and reliably. A fast response is crucial for preventing personal injury, environmental catastrophes, and for protecting assets and avoiding loss of production.

Service, support, and warranty

The G26 Ambient Oil Mist Detector is simple to install and leaves a small footprint. The detector’s lens only requires occasional cleaning using a dry cloth, and calibration can easily be carried out by a member of the crew. Should assistance be needed, Green Instruments provides full service and support to ensure optimal operation throughout the entire product lifetime. The G26 Ambient Oil Mist Detector comes with a 36-month warranty.

Key features

  • Detects all types of oil mist
  • Protects people, environment, and assets
  • Simple installation - minimal footprint
  • Fast and reliable detection
  • Configurable number of detectors per monitor
  • Displays opacity (0-100%)
  • Designed for marine applications
  • Low cost of ownership – no consumable parts
  • Fully scalable solution
  • ATEX/IECEx version available
  • 36-month warranty
  • Global service and support

Prevent engine room fires

Saving lives

Ships globally face a growing challenge of engine room fires each year, posing risks to crew safety, vessel operation, and causing substantial financial losses.

The Green Instruments G26 oil mist detector is engineered to detect the elusive oil mist, proactively alerting crews and precisely identifying the source's location.

Check out our short film on the G26 oil mist detector. It’s a clear look at how to advance maritime safety, preventing engine room fires, and safeguarding lives. Watch now and see the G26 in action.


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