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Oxygen Analyzing Systems

The oxygen analyzing systems are designed for accurate gas monitoring and control in several marine applications.

Every system consists of an oxygen analyzer, a sensor, and a sampling board and is well suited for safety critical applications in order to protect cargo, ship, and crew.

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Responsible for the future. Control pollution

Shipping is a low-cost and efficient way to transport goods. Transportation by sea contributes to economic growth, which has led to more ships out in the open water. However, the increase in transportation has resulted in more focus on the environmental aspects such as air pollution. Air pollution has been given a lot of attention in later years – especially as to how to decrease the amount of pollution because it exceeds the air quality and contributes to global warming.

An increased amount of organizations within the marine industry wish to be more environmentally friendly. Green Instruments oxygen analyzing systems help reach this goal. This is done by e.g. ambient air monitoring, combustion monitoring and control, and marine inerting monitoring and control. Having one or more of the analyzing systems will enhance vessel safety as well as prevent combustible atmospheres.

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