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Enhanching safety, efficiency and sustainability


Our various maritime monitoring solutions assist you in the protection of people, environment, and assets.

Transparent solutions for a green future

Want to explore how to be compliant?

With rising demands for better environmental practices in the marine sector and beyond, emission management and regulatory compliance are paramount.

Green Instruments provides straightforward solutions to help you visualize and decrease your environmental impact, promoting a sustainable future.

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Green Insights

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Technology with a purpose

Our technology is about creating meaningful impact

At Green Instruments, we're all about you – our customers. Since 1999, we've been providing cutting-edge monitoring and analysis technology to global partners. Our goal is to lead the industry, always seeking innovations that make a real impact on your operations.

But it's not just about being advanced; it's about creating change. We're dedicated to safeguarding people, the environment, and your assets, whether on ships, offshore, or on land. Our solutions identify and eliminate risks for safety and sustainability wherever you work.

We take pride in delivering purposeful technology. Our team continually seeks new innovations that enhance your operations and contribute to a safer, greener future

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