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Oxygen Analyzers

Inert Gas Oxygen Analyzing Systems

Green Instruments oxygen analyzers are designed to accurately monitor and control the content of oxygen in exhaust gases, ambient air, and inert gas systems. Each system consists of an oxygen analyzer, sensor, and sampling board and are ideal for critical safety applications where cargo, ships, and crew must be protected.

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Product information

Oxygen Analyzers for Inert Gas Systems

Robust and reliable monitoring

Green Instruments oxygen analyzers provide user-friendly and robust monitoring in marine environments, ensuring accurate and reliable oxygen measurements. Inert gases are gases with a low concentration of oxygen that are used to fill void spaces in and around oil tanks. Oxygen analyzers are used to prevent combustible atmospheres. Having an oxygen analyzer on board is crucial for enhancing and maintaining vessel safety. Tankers are also required by safety inspectors to document their safety when loading and discharging at ports.

Simple operation

The heart of each oxygen analyzer is a microprocessor-based unit with a simple menu structure, ensuring fast set-up. The oxygen analyzers are designed for easy replacement of parts and simple system calibration. They use a zirconia sensor cell, which is well-proven and reliable sensor technology.

Inert Gas Oxygen Analyzing System

Configurable measuring and signal outputs

The G3600 and G3601 oxygen analyzer boards are ideal for standalone operation with output to other systems. Monitoring and signal output range are fully scalable according to needs and requirements.

  • G3600: Single board – an inexpensive and compact analyzer
  • G3601: Double board – for cost effective redundancy and versatility

The G3601 ensures system redundancy, eliminating reliance on one sensor and analyzer, and ensuring fail-safe if one sensor or analyzer malfunctions. This means that customers avoid costly delays caused by a system failure.

G36a Standalone and G36p Panel Mounted Oxygen Analyzers

Customizable with several benefits

Our G36a and G36p oxygen analyzers are customizable and suitable for many applications. They provide extra benefits such as a touch-screen interface, a galvanically separated and stronger analog signal, trend graph display, data logging, and optional pressure compensation. The standalone G36a oxygen analyzer is suitable for modular system integration. This oxygen analyzer is part of the unit but can also be purchased as a spare part. The G36p, on the other hand, is designed for panel mounting. Both analyzers can be purchased as a kit solution, which includes a sensor and several sensor parts.

Service and support

Green Instruments oxygen analyzers are simple to install and have a low cost of ownership. Consumable parts are easy to replace by the crew. Should assistance be needed regarding replacement of e.g. consumables or retrofit to a new system, Green Instruments provides full service and support to ensure optimal operation throughout the entire product lifetime.

Key features

  • Protects cargo, ship, and crew
  • Simple installation, operation, and maintenance
  • Simple calibration by crew
  • Automatic artificial calibration
  • Configurable measuring range and signal outputs
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Graphic display – interface via touch screen
  • High sensor stability with full temperature control
  • Analyzer diagnostics and information page
  • Data logging including alarm history
  • Simple software upgrades
  • Global service and support


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