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Oxygen Analyzers

G3631 Ambient Oxygen Analyzer

The G3631 Ambient Oxygen Analyzer measures the content of oxygen in the atmosphere in cargo spaces, enclosed spaces on a ship such as nitrogen generator rooms and other areas. Having an oxygen analyzer on board helps prevent dangerous situations from arising, thus protecting people, the environment, and assets.

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Product information

G3631 Ambient Oxygen Analyzer

Customizable and reliable technology

The oxygen analyzer is customizable and designed for accurate and reliable oxygen measurements in marine environments. The purpose of the G3631 Ambient Oxygen Analyzer is to prevent hazardous atmospheres, for example in rooms for nitrogen generators. Having an oxygen analyzer on board is crucial for enhancing and maintaining vessel safety.

Simple operation

The microprocessor-based analyzer with a simple menu structure ensures a quick set-up procedure. The oxygen analyzer uses a zirconia sensor cell, which is based on reliable and well-proven sensor technology. These analyzers have minimal consumable parts, and the automatic simplified calibration of the analyzer ensures minimum maintenance. In other words, calibration is executed automatically and regularly.

Monitor oxygen levels in open spaces

The G3631 Ambient Oxygen Analyzer meets the requirements of being a fixed oxygen analysis detection system. It is designed to measure the content of oxygen in the atmosphere in areas that are not necessarily accessed by the crew on a daily basis, or which lack proper ventilation. These areas include rooms for inert gas systems or nitrogen generator systems and server rooms. If crew members enter such areas without precautions and there is a lack of oxygen, it may lead to personal injury or unconsciousness.

Prevents dangerous situations

The oxygen analyzer helps prevent dangerous situations in areas where oxygen level monitoring is required. Safety regulations stipulate that the space inside a room must be checked for oxygen content before entering. The Green Instruments G3631 Ambient Oxygen Analyzer is a fixed oxygen analyzer, providing reliable monitoring of the atmosphere, ensuring there is a safe level of oxygen. In other words, the oxygen analyzer creates safe atmospheres in several rooms on board vessels, protecting people, the environment, and assets.

Audio alarm option

The G3631 Ambient Oxygen Analyzer is also available with an audio alarm. The analyzer measures the content of oxygen with concentrations up to 21.0 %. If oxygen levels drop below the alarm level, the audio alarm activates, helping the crew avoid life-threatening situations.

Service and support

The G3631 Ambient Oxygen Analyzer is simple to install and has a minimal footprint. It only requires occasional cleaning using a soft damp cloth on the touch screen or a clean cloth to remove any soiling on the analyzer. Apart from the zirconia sensor, it has no consumable parts. This ensures minimal maintenance and low cost of ownership. Should assistance be needed with the replacement of the sensor, Green Instruments provides full service and support to ensure optimal operation throughout the entire product lifetime.



Key features

  • Protects people, the environment, and assets
  • Reliable sensor technology
  • Simple artificial calibration
  • Audio alarm option
  • Configurable alarm relays
  • Low cost of ownership – minimal consumable parts
  • Simple installation – minimal footprint
  • Global service and support


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