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G36 and G36p Oxygen Analyzers

Green Instruments' oxygen analyzer is very robust and user friendly. It is available in two versions: The G36 Oxygen Analyzer is a stand alone box whereas the G36p is designed for panel mounting.

Both the G36 and the G36p are MED approved by the DNV and they have BV, DNV, and Lloyd's Register Type Approval.

G36 Oxygen Analyzer

The G36 Oxygen Analyzer is suitable for modular system integration with an extra robust enclosure of IP67. The G36 Oxygen Analyzer has received certification under the European Marine Equipment Directive's new heading A1/3.54 for fixed oxygen analyzers and product type approvals from both Lloyds Register and DNV. The working ambient temperature ranges from -15oC to +55oC.

G36 Oxygen Analyzer

G36p Oxygen Analyzer

The G36p is Green Instruments' first panel mounted analyzer. When the analyzer is panel mounted the enclosure is IP55 and the working ambient temperature is extended to 70oC.

G36p Oxygen Analyzer

Both analyzers can be delivered as spare parts or as part of a complete system as for example the G3600/G3601 Inert Gas Oxygen Analyzing System, the G3620 Stack Gas Oxygen Analyzing System.

For further information on the G36 and the G36p Oxygen Analyzers please download our Oxygen Analyzer product sheet.

For inquiries please contact our sales department.

Key Features

  • Interface via touch screen
  • Galvanically separated & stronger analog signal
  • Two analog outputs - range selectable
  • High sensor stability with full temperature control
  • Signal loop monitoring
  • Trend graph display
  • Analyzer diagnostic and information page
  • Data logging including alarm history
  • Easy software upgrading via SD-card
  • DNV and Lloyd's Register's product type approval
  • BV product type approval (optional)

BV product type approval