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Smoke Emissions

G16 Smoke Density Monitor

The G16 Smoke Density Monitor is designed for use in stacks on board vessels. The system provides the crew with precise combustion data for legal reporting requirements, reducing risks of potential fines not complying with local regulations.


Product information

G16 Smoke Density Monitor

Continuous smoke density monitoring

The G16 Smoke Density Monitor is an advanced monitoring system that measures the particles of smoke and dust in stacks. Smoke is generated by diesel engines, boilers, incinerators, etc. The system determines the level of particles in the smoke to provide precise combustion data for legal and financial reporting requirements. The G16 Smoke Density Monitor also ensures environmental compliance and measures the full range of opacity (0-100%). It is compact and simple to install in newbuilds and retrofits.

Reliable monitoring

The G16 Smoke Density Monitor is designed for installation in stacks on board vessels. The robust transceiver consists of a solid green laser, an optical system, and electronics. To provide precise data, a light beam with specific spectral characteristics is projected across the space inside the stack. The amount of light reflected back to the instrument from an installed reflector is compared with the maximum possible return when there is nothing obstructing the beam. The strength of the return signal thus indicates whether smoke and dust or other particulate matters are present in the stack. This double-pass measurement method ensures a high level of performance and reliability.

Simple operation

The system includes an HMI module and is available with different interface options. The home screen provides an immediate overview of smoke and dust density inside the stack. This means the crew will be provided with precise combustion data, which they need to report for legal requirements.

The opacity monitoring system provides multiple functions for control, graphic, and data logging and can be installed with an audit module for easy verification.

Low maintenance cost

The robust opacity monitoring system is designed to resist heat and vibrations and can be used in extreme environments in stacks on board vessels. It does not require much maintenance except occasional cleaning of the lenses and in-situ calibration. The optical parts can be cleaned easily without the need for special tools, and the purge air system will keep the optical lenses clear of soot contamination.

ATEX/IECEx certified version

The G16 Smoke Density Monitor is available as an ATEX/IECEx certified version called G16 Ex. The G16 Ex is designed for use in hazardous areas.

Service, support, and warranty

The G16 Smoke Density Monitor is compact and simple to install. The detector’s lens only requires occasional cleaning using a dry cloth, and calibration can easily be carried out by a member of the crew. Green Instruments provides full service and support to ensure optimal operation throughout the entire product lifetime. The G16 Smoke Density Monitor comes with a 36-month warranty.

Key features

  • Ensures environmental compliance
  • Simple installation – minimal footprint
  • Robust design with low maintenance cost
  • Configurable number of detectors per monitor
  • Displays opacity (0-100%)
  • Simple and fast on-site validation with audit module
  • Low cost of ownership – no consumable parts
  • Low energy consumption
  • ATEX/IECEx version available
  • US EPA compliant
  • 36-month warranty
  • Global service and support


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