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G7000 Multi Gas Monitoring

G7000 Multi Gas Monitoring System will enable you to comply with international environmental regulations

Well-proven technology

The G7000 can monitor the SO2 and CO2 concentrations in exhaust gas. It provides you with an accurate measurement of SO2 in ppm, CO2 in percent, as well as presents the SO2/CO2 ratio.

The gas analyzer is based on a non-dispersive infrared measurement technology, which has been well proven in many industrial applications.

Our unique double sample conditioning unit extracts moisture from the sample and ensures a fast response time. This unique feature allows us to sample from up to 5 different sample points per system.

Cost effective CEMS

G7000 is a cost effective CEMS (continuous emission monitoring system). The modular design of the system makes it possible to monitor different gasses according to customer specification.

Furthermore, the system uses an air conditioned cooler therefore, the system has a very low consumption of compressed air, which significantly reduces the total cost of ownership.

All materials are specially selected to resist the wet and acidic exhaust gas after a scrubber. The robust design is aimed for harsh marine applications and designed for long intervals between service.

Approved and compliant solution

The G7000 is fully compliant with IMO regulations - MEPC. 259(68). The G7000 together with Green Instruments’ G6100 Water Monitoring System is a complete monitoring system according to MEPC. 259(68).

For further information, please download our G7000 multi gas monitor brochure (PDF). 

For inquiries please contact our sales department.


 Illustration of a G7000 multi gas monitoring system 


Key Features

  • Up to 5 sample points
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Durable and robust design for marine applications
  • Automatic calibration without special gases
  • Suitable for vibrations, high temperature & humid processes
  • Choise between different materials
  • Well-proven extractive system
  • Unique double sample conditioning ensures fast response time
  • Easy installation and maintenance - no alignment required
  • Long service intervals

    DNVGL Type Approval