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Multi Gas Monitoring

The G7000 Multi Gas Monitoring System is our newest product. It monitors SO2/CO2 concentrations in the exhaust gas emissions.

In 2005, Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) introduced regulations for the prevention of air pollution. According to the new rules, ships operating both globally and in Emission Control Areas (ECAs) must reduce COx, SOx and particulate matter emissions.

In order to meet the international requirements, monitoring and cleaning SOx, COx before discharging them into the environment are necessary.

The G7000 can monitor the SO2 and CO2 concentrations in exhaust gas. It provides you with an accurate measurement of SO2 in ppm, CO2 in percent, as well as presents the SO2/CO2 ratio. The gas analyzer is based on a non-dispersive infrared measurement technology, which has been well proven in many industrial applications.

Our double sample conditioning unit prepares the sample for analyzing. This unique feature allows us to sample from up to 5 different sample points per system and at the same time maintain a fast response time.

Using our G7000 Multi Gas Monitoring System will help you comply with the international regulations.