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G5500 Oil Fired Boiler Monitor

The G5500 Oil Fired Boiler Monitor is developed on the basis of micro controller technology and our patented stress monitoring concept.

Thermal Condition Monitoring

At Green Instruments, we know how important it is to secure and maintain a good and balanced thermal condition in the boiler as the critical factors around thermal stress are main elements in the boiler operation. Thermal stress in oil fired boilers can be caused by oil contamination, built up scale, boiler and feed water control failure, poor combustion or burner adjustment, etc.

Despite the importance of maintaining and conditioning the right thermal conditions, very little has been done in current marine boiler installations.

Boiler Protection 

The G5500 OFBM provides a direct working method to monitor and protect boilers against damaging impact. By monitoring the thermal conditions, the G5500 OFBM is a true aid for making your boiler plant more reliable and thereby eliminating boiler failure.

For further information on the G5500 Oil Fired Boiler Monitor, please download the G5000 Boiler Protection Monitoring brochure.

For inquiries, please contact our sales department.

Key Features:

  • Thermal condition monitoring
  • Direct boiler protection
  • Trend and data logging
  • Easy to install
  • User friendly
  • Worldwide customer support

G5500 Oil Fired Boiler Monitor

Illustration of G5500 Oil Fired Boiler Monitor