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Service Agreements: Saving shipping companies thousands of dollars

We are delighed with international magazines covering all the benefits of our service agreements 


"Containerships, tankers, and other types of ships are equipped with increasingly advanced equipment that the onboard crew cannot maintain or repair without the help from specialists. If the equipment is not functioning due to a lack of maintenance, the ships are often not allowed to sail, costing shipping companies thousands of dollars. Therefore, an increasing number of shipping companies are entering into service agreements with equipment suppliers such as Green Instruments, which specialize in developing advanced measuring equipment for the maritime industry to ensure compliance with new, stricter environmental regulations"

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Maritime Gateway continues:

"Service agreements between shipping companies and equipment suppliers like Green Instruments provide a range of benefits, including reduced risk of costly breakdowns, improved equipment efficiency and durability, and reduced risk of accidents and damage. Regular maintenance through such agreements allows shipping companies to predict maintenance costs and avoid expensive and unexpected repairs. Additionally, direct access to equipment suppliers like Green Instruments ensures prompt assistance and support in case of equipment issues, leading to greater peace of mind for shipping companies”

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Ready to join forces in a service partnership with us?

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