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Service agreements

Customized service agreements are a direct result of the close partnership between Green Instruments and our customers. Our goal is to prevent any potential downtime of our products by tailoring service agreements to the specific needs of any fleet. We understand that different fleets have unique requirements, which is why we offer tailored agreements to ensure that the necessary spare parts and service engineers are optimized for the best possible solution for shipowners and ship management companies.

Our service concept is focused on providing long-term agreements, based on feedback from end-users who prefer services provided by our service experts. This ensures that fleets are in compliance and frees up time for both technical and onboard crew. With our range of service agreements, we can offer everything from spare parts management to complete service management of your entire fleet.

By partnering with Green Instruments, you can benefit from our expertise and customized service agreements, which will help ensure that your fleet is always operating at peak performance.

Our 24-hour service hotline can be reached at +45 9645 4599, and we provide technical support on


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