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MEPC. 340(77) guidelines

The Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) revised the guidelines for exhaust gas cleaning systems to prevent and control marine pollution from ships. The updated guidelines, MEPC. 340(77), were implemented June 1st, 2022 and replace the MEPC. 259(68) guidelines from 2015. This means systems installed or commissioned within the categories of MEPC. 340(77) after said date could be impacted by the 2021 Guidelines.

The updated MEPC. 340(77) can affect water monitoring systems and CEMS. Therefore, prior to implementation, Green Instruments updated documentation, performed tests, and remained in contact with classification societies to ensure that G6200 Water Monitoring System and G7000 Multi Gas Monitoring System fulfilled the new guidelines.


MEPC. 340(77) presents new initiatives related to water monitoring systems. Highlights include:

  • Definition of phenanthrene equivalent (section 2.3, table 3)
  • Degassing of the sampled discharge water (section 10.2.1)
  • Sampling frequency (section 10.4.1)

The DNV Type Approval Certificate includes the full list of all requirements related to MEPC. 259(68) and MEPC. 340(77).

Do not hesitate to contact Green Instruments should you have any questions about the MEPC. 340(77). Get in touch with our experts by filling out the contact form.