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BV MODE 1 Certificate for Oxygen Analyzer

Green Instruments has just received the Bureau Veritas' "Recognition for BV MODE 1 Scheme" certificate.

The certificate is very important because according to Bureau Veritas' (BV) certification scheme, our oxygen analyzers belong to a certain product category that needs to be individually certified in order to obtain the BV product certificate. Normally, that requires the presence of a surveyor from BV but when having the "Recognition for BV MODE 1 Scheme" certificate, Green Instruments is certified to carry out the required tests and examinations without the attendance of a surveyor.

Green Instruments recently completed the recognition assessment. The certificate is an agreement between BV and Green Instruments that authorizes Green Instruments to proceed to the qualification of the oxygen analyzers before shipping them to the customers.

The certificate is to be renewed each year after a quality audit by BV inspectors. The certificate is normally valid for four years.