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G360x Inert Gas Oxygen Analyzing System

Green Instruments' oxygen analyzer for inert gas systems is used for accurate inert gas monitoring and control. It is well suited for the harsh and stressful marine environment. The system mainly consists of a G36 oxygen analyzer and a sampling board.

The heart of the oxygen analyzer for inert gas is a microprocessor-based analyzer with a simple menu structure that ensures a quick set-up procedure.

The system is designed for easy replacement of parts, and the crew only needs to supply zero test gas. Calibration of the system is easy and it only requires instruments air in order to save zero test gas.

Green Instruments' oxygen analyzer for inert gas systems is among the most durable on the market and the zirconia cell probe is developed based on a reliable and rugged technique. The analyzer is type approved by DNV under the EU Marine Equipment Directive.

Configure Your Oxygen Analyzer for Inert Gas

The G360x Inert Gas Analyzing System provides the right platform for standalone operation, but you can also use the output of the analyzer as active input for other systems. Both the monitoring range and the signal output range are fully scalable according to your needs and the external requirements.
There are two models of the G360x Inert Gas Analyzing System

  • Single Board – an inexpensive and compact analyzer - G3600
  • Double Board – for cost effective redundancy and versatility - G3601

G3600 Single board             G3600 Double board

G3600 Single board                            G3601 Double board

The sampling board of the Inert Gas Oxygen Analyzing System can also be combined with the new G36p panel mounted oxygen analyzer. This combination will provide you with ever more benefits with the decisive improvements of the new oxygen analyzer type. To learn more about the G36 or G36p oxygen analyzer click here.


For further information on the G360x Inert Gas Oxygen Analyzing System plea­se download our G3600/3601 Inert Gas Oxygen Analyzing System.

For inquiries please contact our sales department.

Key Features

  • Proven functionality for inspectors
  • Protect cargo, ship, and crew
  • Avoid delays
  • Easy to install, maintain, and use
  • Sample and test gas selector valve
  • In-situ calibration
  • Simple calibration saves zero test gas
  • Configurable output
  • Long time sensor stability
  • Inexpensive parts
  • Easy sensor replacement
  • Worldwide customer support

    BV product type approval