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UVD Robot contributes to a safe return post COVID-19

The world is slowly opening after the coronavirus pandemic, and the maritime industry is no exception. More ships will be back at sea in no time with passengers from all over the world. With that in mind, cruise ships have returned to business with increasing safety demands.

These demands brought Green Instruments, together with UVD Robots, to introduce the intelligent and self-driving UV-C disinfecting robot for the maritime industry.

“The robot’s superpowers, such as simultaneous non-chemical disinfection of air and surfaces, and the fact that the UVD Robot requires no underlying logistics for consumables, are the obvious benefits of its’ technology in a maritime environment. The UV lamps used have a lifespan rated at 12,000 hours and can disinfect 9,600 square meters per hour: it’s fast, efficient, and with minimal disruption. In addition, each self-driven cleaning cycle can be validated and is automatically documented for protocol compliance,” said Jeppe Moller, President of Green Instruments USA Inc.

As part of the go-to-market activities, Green Instruments sought out DNV for their Product Assurance service. The service includes a Product Assessment Report, which is available here.

Seatrade Cruise Global 2021

The exhibition in 2021 has without a doubt been very memorable for Green Instruments. The UVD Robot was officially verified by DNV, with Jeppe K. Moller receiving a Product Assessment Certificate for the robot's infection prevention and control capabilities.

The UVD Robot is seen as an important tool because it provides an extra layer of protection and makes ships operate again in a safer environment. Read the entire article about the product assessment handover here