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G1100 Opacity Monitor

The G1100 Opacity Monitor is designed to monitor acid mist in chemical processes.

The G1100 Opacity Monitor is installed with the two PTFE-heads directly opposite each other. The standard length of the fiber optic cables is 4.5 m. It is possible to attach longer cables that are available in 6.0 m or 7.5 m. Click to see a system drawing of the G1100 Opacity Monitor.

Purge air is used to keep the soot in the funnel away from the lenses. The signal output is two configurable alarm relays and 4…20 mA.

Please click here in order to download the G1100 product sheet (PDF).

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G1100 Opacity Monitor

G1100 Opacity Monitor

Key Features:

The G1100 has the following special features:

  • PTFE-heads that resist acid mist
  • Isloated and heated cabinet for extra protection