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G3631 Ambient Oxygen Analyzer

The ambient oxygen analyzer measures the content of oxygen with concentrations up to 21.0 %. The system is designed to measure the content of oxygen in the atmosphere in inert gas rooms such as engine room compartments, rooms for inert gas system or accommodation area, or in simulated altitude training rooms.

The system uses a zirconia sensor. Zirconium dioxide sensors have long been established as industry standards, but the G3631 uses a new type of zirconia sensor, which can be used in a wide range of applications.

G3631 Ambient Oxygen Analyzer

G3631 Ambient Oxygen Analyzer

The G3631 Ambient Oxygen Analyzer has both CE Marking and MED Marking. The MED approval is according to the requirements for a fixed oxygen analysis and gas detection equipment (item no.A.1/3.54).

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Key Features

  • Free configurable alarm relays
  • One alarm connected to a buzzer
  • Easy calibration using ambient air
  • CE marking
  • MED marking

MED Type Approval