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Our new G7000 Multigas Monitoring System is now type approved

Green Instruments is pleased to announce that we have achieved the type approval certificate from DNVGL for our newly developed G7000 Multigas Monitoring System. The G7000 is a continuous emission monitoring system. The system has a modular design which makes it possible to monitor different gases according to our customers’ specification.

The G7000 can monitor the SO2 and CO2 concentrations in exhaust gas according to the requirements in Appendix 3 of the NOx Technical Code 2008 and the requirements in MEPC. 259(68) – 2015 Guidelines for exhaust gas cleaning systems. It provides an accurate measurement of SO2 in ppm, CO2 in percent as well as presents the SO2/CO2 ratio.

The gas analyzer is based on non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) principle for analyzing SO2 and CO2 in wet gas. The system has a low cost of ownership due to the very low consumption of compressed air and a long interval between services with minimum spare parts required. Another advantage of the G7000 is our unique double sample conditioning unit that ensures a fast response time and allows each system to sample from up to 5 different sample points.

With this type approval achievement, Green Instruments again proves our commitment to develop and manufacture products which comply with high requirements for marine application. The Type Approval Certificate will help our clients to document the compliance of their exhaust gas cleaning systems according to the IMOs regulations.

The type approval certificate can be found on here on DNVGL Type Approval Database or can be downloaded here from our Download page.

For further information of the product, please visit the G7000 Multigas Monitoring System.