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Green Instruments wins EY Entrepreneur of the Year Regional Final 2020

At a rather different event than the previous years, Green Instruments was announced regional winner of EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2020. The virtual event marked the second year in a row Green Instruments has achieved honor in the competition. In 2019, Green Instruments took home the victory in the category 'Innovation' at the national final of Entrepreneur of the Year, where the picture is from. 

The jury elected Green Instruments as the winner based on the high level of innovation in the company's product development and the great growth rates, says Allan Terp, EY Partner and responsible for Region Nordjylland in EY Entrepreneur of the Year. The jury points our that is a strong story, great business acumen and that Green Instruments constitutes a role model for entrepreneurship. The jury simultaneously emphasize that Green Instruments has done well internationally, and that the company is helping to reduce a significant climate impact. Green Instruments has to a large extent managed to attract the right employees and create a good working environment and at the same time actively engage both locally and internationally in the industry, says Claus Christensen, jury member and CEO of HCH A/S. The jury's verdict and justification is well in line with the values of Green Instruments, where customer-focused product development is one of the main drivers.

As the regional winner of Region Nordjylland, Green Instruments looks forward to participate in the National Final on January 21st, 2021. 

EY Entrepreneur Of The Year

EY Entrepreneur Of The Year is a world-spanning competition for growth creators. For almost 25 years, EY has paid tribute to and raised awareness of entrepreneurship and growth in Denmark and presented the award 'EY Entrepreneur Of The Year' the best growth companies in Denmark and worldwide.

The 2020 award show pays tribute to the companies and entrepreneurs managing to seize opportunities rising during the crises, those who are ready for change and who set long-term perspectives bringing them strengthened through the crisis. 

For more information about the EY Entrepreneur Awards, please visit EY Entrepreneur of the Year.