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GI Launches New and Improved G5100 EGE Monitor

Green Instruments has just launched a new and improved version of the G5100 Exhaust Gas Economizer (EGE) Monitor. The EGE Monitor is designed for dynamic monitoring of multiple parameters including pressure drop across the EGE, inlet and outlet temperature and as an optional extension it can also monitor the water circulation flow. The new G5100 EGE Monitoring system now comes with a number of improved features: a touch screen with user-friendly interface, data and alarm logging, and real time and historical trend via a graphic display. Similar to all of our systems, the G5100 is very simple to operate, and easy to install and maintain.

The EGE Monitor Offers Dynamic Load Dependent Monitoring

The G5100 takes the actual engine load into account. This is a unique feature since many other EGEs only have a static monitoring and control system. This means that the alarms are triggered based on an assumed full engine load condition. As opposed to the G5100, these systems cannot detect any problems under low load condition.

Monitoring inlet and outlet temperatures, pressure drop and the water circulation flow will indicate soot, scale and oil contamination and the most appropriate time for cleaning. This will help maintain economizer efficiency and to avoid breakdown.

Click here for more information about the G5100 Exhaust Gas Economizer Monitor or download our G5100 Product Sheet sheet and the brochure. The brochure contains information on both the G5100 Exhaust Gas Economizer Monitor and the G5500 Oil-Fired Boiler Monitor.

For inquiries please contact our sales department.