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Our new G4100 NOx/O2 gets LR's Type Approval

After a long process with tests of many different approaches, Green Instruments has completed the development of a complete NOx/O2 analyzing system. This product is nothing less than a revolution compared to competing systems. The product is based on a Zirconia sensor that allows for a radically different design of the system. This gives our customers several advantages:

  • It is easy to use, to calibrate, and to maintain. The busy chief engineer does not need to become a specially trained expert.
  • It gives a true wet measurement directly and is installed directly on the stack. This gives a whole range of other advantages.
  • It does not require a converter as it measures NOx i.e. both NO and NO2. This reduces the cost for maintenance significantly.
  • It does not require a multiplexing system with heated sampling lines and sensitive solenoid valves, which again greatly reduces the maintenance cost.
  • It does not require chillers or driers as the sensor is designed for wet and hot measurement.

Because of all this it is easy to design the system to the specific requirements of the vessel and still offer a very attractive price.

On top of that, the system has achieved a type approval issued by Lloyd's Register for marine, offshore and industrial applications.

With this new product, Green Instruments is ready to conquer new markets. Click here for more information about the G4100 NOx/O2 Analyzing System.