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G1000/G2000 LR Type Approved

After having produced opacity monitors for 10 years, Green Instruments has now completed the type approval process for these instruments. This concerns both the G1000 Smoke Density Monitor and the G2000 Ambient Oil Mist Detector.

Both systems make use of the unique and patented technology that removes the light source, sensors, and associated electronics from the optic heads where they are exposed to heat and vibration. Instead these electronic elements are well protected in the monitoring unit and the light signal is brought forward via fiber optic cables.

The G2000 Ambient Oil Mist Detector is the first type approved oil mist detector for open spaces that makes use of the line-of-sight opacity meter technology. It monitors an open path of up to 9 m length. It can detect oil mist at concentrations far below hazardous levels.

The G1000 Smoke Density Monitor uses the same technology but is adapted for monitoring smoke or mist in closed funnels or ducts.

For more information on the G1000 Smoke Density Monitor please follow this link.

For more information on the G2000 Ambient Oil Mist Detector please follow this link.