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Expanding Facilities to meet a growing demand

In response to the growing demand of our global business, Green Instruments is pleased to announce the expansion of its facilities. The expansion will include the new office space and 840 square meters production and storage facilities.

“We see a huge potential for growth. The tightening of international standards and local regulations on the emissions of environmentally harmful gasses and particulate matters from marine shipping has developed a high demand for monitoring equipment. With this expansion, we are prepared to meet such a growing demand.” says Oluf Sigh, the director of Green Instruments. 

Our Green Profile

Green Instruments is committed to doing our part to protect the environment via providing our green technology products to maritime and land-based industries. We also pursue this commitment by applying the passive house concept in the office expansion.

The construction of energy efficient buildings contributes to our environmental goals by decreasing considerably the energy use for heating and cooling. A Passive House is a building that does not require any conventional heating or cooling system. The energy savings is generally derived from the sun light, the excellent thermal insulation, and the mechanical cooling system. A Passive House consumes about 90% less energy than the existing building.

The usage of Passive House concept proves Green Instruments' Green Profile.

The new facilities are expected to be ready in May 2019.