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UV Disinfection

UVD Robots

In partnership with the Danish company UVD Robots, Green Instruments is pleased to introduce the world’s first intelligent and fully self-driving UV-C disinfecting robot to the cruise ship industry. The UVD Robot is an indispendisable tool to ensure a safe environment onboard cruise ships, ferries, and in terminals.


Product information

UVD Robots

Well-proven technology

For decades, UV-C has been used as a disinfection measure in various industries such as health care, life science and water treatment. The use of UV-C to combat resilient microorganism is scientifically proven and endorsed by both the CDC and WHO.

The UVD Robot was originally designed to deal with resistant and hardy superbugs, and has been verified through multiple independent laboratory test as well as local, country specific, medical microbiology validations at various hospitals. All clinical reports are available upon request.

So-far UV-C solutions, manually transferred over disinfection areas has shown limitations in relation to shadowing objects, consistency and high-risk areas. Using a fully autonomous robotic solution, these limitations are eliminated, as the robot can be pre-programmed to move around any object and slow down to maximize exposure of high-risk areas, while the robotic precision ensures consistent exposure. COVID-19 has proven especially easy to inactivate with UV-C light, and cell numbers in highly contaminated areas are quickly reduced by 99.9 percent, simply by the robot driving by.

UVD Robots

Fast and effective disinfection with minimal inconvenience.
Emitting light at 360 degrees, the decontamination process of the UVD Robot inactivates organisms on both surfaces and in the air. As the only disinfection device clinically proven to disinfect while on the move, the robot covers large areas in short time. With a maximum speed of 5.4 km/h, the robot moves quickly to ensure fast and effective disinfection - proven efficiency of 500 square meters in less than 30 minutes.

While the UVD Robot can disinfect all desired quarters, typical areas of application in the maritime environment includes guest corridors, fitness facilities, restaurants and buffets, as well as high-risk areas such as medical centers and cabins for quarantine or crew accommodation purposes. The UVD Robot is already deployed at numerous airports, making seaports an obvious extension. UV-C is an environmentally friendly alternative to chemicals. UV-C does not leave any unpleasant residue lingering in the air eliminating potential health issues or discomfort to passengers. Unlike hazardous chemicals, there are no storage requirements of the UVD Robot.

Easy performance validation

To validate the efficacy of any disinfection cycle, UV-C dosimeters in the form of low cost stickers can be placed on typical high touch surfaces. The stickers start out yellow and change to orange, brown and deep red depending on the amount of UV-C the sticker is exposed to. After end disinfection cycle, the UV-C dosimeters must be compared to the color reference chart to determine if the surface received a sufficient UV-C dose. If the dose is deemed insufficient, the robot can either be moved closer to the surfaces for higher intensity, or slowed down for a short period adding to the accumulated exposure time.

A mature, award-winning solution

While the autonomous UV robot is a 'first', it is important to note that this a not a last-minute solution, put together to address the immediate panic to fight COVID-19 pandemic. The mature solution is based on 6 years of research, design, development and testing by an industry leader and award-winning organization, in close corporation with Odense University Hospital and the Danish Healthcare Sector.  UVD Robots have been deployed in healthcare since 2018 and are today in operation all over the world. The UVD Robot is a confirmed COVID-19 counter measure and was a first responder to the early outbreaks in Wuhan, Spain and Italy.  The UVD Robot has been awarded several prestigious awards:

  • Recommended Solution from Mobile Robot Buyers Guide 2020
  • Ranked on the RBR50 List (Robotics Business Review’s annual list of the most innovative and transformative robotics companies that have achieved commercial success in the past year)
  • Named ‘European Champion’ in the development and commercialization of service robots for professionals (B2B) by Frost & Sullivan

To avoid confusion: UVD Robot is the product name, short for Ultra Violet Disinfection Robot whereas UV-C refers to the germicidal light.

Key features

  • Chemical-free, hospital-grade disinfection 
  • Kills 99.99% of bacteria, vira, and microorganisms
  • Robotic precision without human interaction
  • Simple installation and integration into daily cleaning routine
  • Requires no previous robotic or infection control knowhow
  • Simple validation of performance
  • Documentation of each disinfection cycle
  • A PR and marketing asset to win crew and guest confidence
  • Global service and support

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