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Smoke Emissions

The opacity monitoring systems are designed to monitor toxic pollutants in the air and are helpful in several industrial applications. Having an opacity monitoring system secures a high level of performance and contributes to a greener image.

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Smoke Emissions

G16 Smoke Density Monitor
G1100 Opacity Monitor

Do not look away. Control emission

The awareness of environmental pollution is increasing, but the interest in showing corporate green image is as well. Pollution caused by dust particles, gases, and smoke into the atmosphere exceeds the air quality and contributes to global warming. Smoke emission refers to e.g. an engine wasting fuel which can be a sign of problems in the combustion process. The emitted smoke from coal mills, petrochemical industries, powerplants, and refineries contribute to air pollution, and the high smoke density levels can cause serious problems.

Fortunately, several industrial organizations aim to be environmentally friendly and invest in keeping a green image. Having a Green Instruments opacity monitoring system installed will help the organizations achieve this goal. The system can be installed for use on a range of industrial applications and contributes to avoiding the risk of being delayed by time consuming consequences or other serious problems.

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