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Multi Gas Monitoring

G7000 Multi Gas Monitoring System

The G7000 Multi Gas Monitoring System is a simple and modular system designed for high ambient temperatures. It provides accurate and continuous real-time monitoring of different emission gases, helping to ensure that organizations comply with increasingly stringent emission regulations.

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Product information

G7000 Multi Gas Monitoring System

Robust and cost-effective solution

The G7000 Multi Gas Monitoring System is a durable, robust, and cost-effective continuous emissions monitoring system (CEMS). The robust system is suitable for persistent vibrations, high temperatures, and humid processes which makes it reliable in harsh and tough industrial environments. All materials are specially selected to resist wet and acidic exhaust gas. The modular design of the G7000 Multi Gas Monitoring System makes it possible to monitor different gases according to customer specifications. It provides real-time and accurate monitoring of SO2 and CO2 concentrations in exhaust gas and is fully compliant with international emission restrictions and regulations.

Simple operation

The G7000 Multi Gas Monitoring System comes with up to two multi gas analyzers. These gas analyzers use non-dispersive infrared measurement technology, which has been well-proven in many applications. Besides the multi gas analyzers, the system consists of a sampling board and a double sample conditioning unit. The unique double-sample conditioning unit prepares the next sample for measurement at the same time as the current sample is being measured. In other words, the conditioning unit prepares the sample for analyzing. This allows the system to sample up to five different sample points per system via a multiplexing device, thus ensuring a fast response time.

Automatic calibration

Calibration of the G7000 Multi Gas Monitoring System is simple and executed automatically using an integrated optical filter and instrument air and can be set to run at intervals that meet the requirements of the application. To avoid damage due to condensation, it is recommended the system is run continuously.

Service and support

The G7000 Multi Gas Monitoring System is simple to install and maintain due to the low gas flow design which ensures lower filter consumption and longer intervals between filter services. Generally, the system operates for long periods between service visits, ensuring low cost of ownership. The system has consumable parts that can easily be replaced by the personnel or by Green Instruments service support. Should assistance be needed in terms of replacement of e.g. consumable parts or retrofit to a new system, Green Instruments provides full service and support to ensure optimal operation throughout the entire product lifetime.


Key features

  • Durable and robust design
  • Designed for high ambient temperatures
  • Simple installation and maintenance
  • Measures SOand CO2 levels
  • Optional: CO, CH4, NO2, and NO
  • Well-proven extractive system
  • Unique double-sample conditioning unit ensures fast response time
  • Up to five sample points
  • Automatic calibration using internal calibration cells
  • Fully compliant with MEPC. 340(77)
  • Long maintenance and service intervals
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Global service and support


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