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Monitoring & Protection

Green Instruments has many years of experience working with monitoring and protection solutions especially for marine applications. We focus on offering monitoring equipment which facilitates safety operation for the customers. Furthermore, the monitoring solutions we offer provide evidence of conformity to different requirements from the authorities regarding safety operation.

Opacity Monitors

Green Instruments currently provides a number of monitoring solutions which help our customers avoid fire and explosion hazards. With the latest innovation in green laser technology, the G26 Ambient Oil Mist Detector is able to detect oil mist in open spaces in for example engine rooms, pump rooms or other rooms with hydraulic aggregate pumps and transmission pipes under pressure. Early alarms on the formation of oil mist are important to prevent fire. Furthermore, the G26 Ambient Oil Mist Detector is capable of utilizing in both harsh marine and industrial applications. Click to learn more about the G26 Ambient Oil Mist Detector.

Oxygen Analyzers for Inert Gas

Green Instruments is among the market leaders in regards to oxygen analyzers for inert gas systems.  Inert gas refers to gas containing a low content of oxygen and is used to fill the void spaces in and around tanks for explosion protection. Our G36 and G36p Oxygen Analyzers are fully approved with product certifications from different class societies. In addition, they are among the few in the world which have gained the MED certificate. Click to learn more about the G360x Inert Gas Oxygen Analyzing Systems.