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Energy Optimizing

Nowadays, energy optimization is an important issue for all operations in any industry and it has been considered a cost reduction method. In recent years, there has been an increasing interest within this area due to the increasing concern of the ambient air quality, the sustainable use of resources and the tightening regulations on emission. Companies have to apply energy optimizing solutions not only for decreasing the normal operation cost but also to comply with all the environmental requirements in an economical way.

Energy optimizing solutions are a new focus area of Green Instruments. Green Instruments have expertise in in-situ measuring technologies, which provide real-time data that are necessary for controlling and optimizing many processes. We are currently providing real-time measuring solutions for O2, NOx and acid mist in flue gas. These systems are used for process control and optimization in both industrial and marine applications including boiler combustion, selective catalytic reduction processes (SCR) and chemical processes.

Oxygen Analyzer for Stack Gas

Our G3620 Stack Gas Oxygen Analyzing System is an example of a decisive tool for optimizing boiler efficiency. Boiler combustion is said to be optimal when the supplied fuel is completely burned. If the proportion of oxygen is controlled, the optimal combustion can be achieved. Thus it is possible to save up to 3-5% fuel. Even on smaller boilers, a stack gas oxygen analyzing system achieves a pay-back time in a few months.

Monitoring and control is a key part of ensuring cost-effective optimized operations. If you are looking for a simple, accurate and real-time monitoring solution for your process, please contact Green Instruments’ sales team for more information and our experienced team will provide the best solution for your specific requirements.

Boiler Protection

Besides gas and air analysis equipment, Green Instruments also provides process monitoring solutions. Our G5xxx Boiler Protection Series allows dynamic load dependent monitoring of the boiler’s condition and performance. The system provides efficient protection for all kinds of boilers and economizers from soot fires to potential boiler meltdown risk. Click to learn more about the boiler protection family.